Post 9: An Ode To My Past Life

Every time that I come home from living my somewhat adult life in Los Angeles, I yearn for old times. I miss waking up in the morning to my mom playing the radio to get me up and moving for school. I miss the days that my dad would be off from work and would be there to wish me a good day. I miss him giving me “lunch money” even though i’ve been packing a lunch from home since kindergarten. I miss the simpler times.

Being a child I always fantasized about being an adult and the freedoms I would have. I often thought about being able to leave home without telling anyone and buying whatever I want without hearing my parents’ opinions. However now, being a broke college kid in one of the worst places to be a broke college kid…I wish I could get that lunch money back now. I would love to hear that radio play again as I tossed and turned for the eighth time. I would love to yell at my brothers about being annoying and eating up all my favorite snacks because now I actually have to pay for those snacks. And I also haven’t seen all of us under one roof together since whichever the most recent holiday was. If I could go back in time and live this life all over again I totally would or if i was living like Truman, I would definitely try to find a tape to rewatch a past episode of my life.

As corny as the older people in my life were with telling me to value the time that I had as a child, I wish I wish I would’ve listened. Growing up was definitely a trap and only fun and exciting for the rich. For normal middle class people like me, its hard to wake up one day and feel all of these responsibilities fall into your lap. All in all, you’re only a kid without any responsibilities for so long before you become an adult for the rest of your life.


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